(Vinyl Composition Tile)

Yousung fineo vct is easy to maintain and durable. It works perfectly for heavily commercial areas where there are high volumes of (heavy) transportation
ECO-Friendly FINEO VCT combines creative esthetics with unmatched cost-effective performance to provide perfect solutions for commercial resilient floor covering.



  • 01. Cost-effective

    FINEO Deluxe VCT is the most economical homogeneous
    vinyl floor tile for heavy traffic floor covering.

  • 02. Internationally qualified

    Since 1979, FINEO Deluxe VCT has long been proven s with international quality and environment certification.

  • 03.Easy installation and Maintenance

    The uniform tile in chip-through structure allows easy installation and maintenance at reasonable costs.

  • 04. Excellent performances

    Fineo Deluxe VCT tile is the strongest vinyl floor tile against fire, chemicals and temperature changes.


Commercial Office, Shops, Supermarkets, Department strore, Shopping malls
Education Schools, Institutions, Education Centers
Public Governments Buildings, Police Station
Healthcare Hospitals, Recovery Rooms, Clinics
Productions & ETC Factory, Warehouse, R&D center, Labs,
Places where require high durability for heavy traffic circumstance

About the Brand

  • Brand Meaning
    Fine + Neo. ‘Fine’ sounds like the blossoming of a flower in Korean. This pun will deliver the beautiful image of flowers.
  • Brand Mission
    Yousung creates healthy, safe and beautiful environments through high-quality, eco-friendly products.
  • Brand image
    ‘FINEO’ in modern logo type. The transformation of the font represents the environment of the customer becomes more advance and complete.
    The circle symbolizes balance and perfection, expressing the high quality of FINEO.