Keeping health and environment in mind, Yousung C&F produces most-natural-leather-like high-quality products.

Through extensive research, Yousung C&F has come to produce reliable, high-quality products. The company also continually invests in R&D and equipment to ensure customer satisfaction.

What is PVC Leather?

Main material , PVC (PolyVinyl Chloridse), is used to create PVC leather and its advances in patterns and texture have led to wide applications in our daily lives, such as automotive interior, handbags, medical instruments and so on. Yousung C&F will always do its best to produce high quality products in variety of applications to satisfy our customers.



  • 01. Fabric for Automobile

    TPU and PVC Leather, used primarily for automobile interiors, allow luxurious designs, further providing comfort to passengers.

  • 02. Fabric for Bag

    With its variety of products, Yousung C&F supplies to many major brand-name bag manufacturers.
    The synthetic leather fabric for bags, a result of dedicated research and development, is of the best quality in Korea.
    We are continuously improving the quality and the design through ceaseless research.

  • 03. Fabric for Medical Instruments

    We manufacture eco-friendly, toxin-free fabrics for safe use in the medical industry.
    We are dedicated to producing safe, high-quality fabric through constant research.

About the Brand

  • Brand Meaning
    Feel + Live
  • Brand Mission
    Yousung C&F makes customers’ lives finer and healthier through its high-quality, eco-friendly products.
  • Brand image
    The green sprout represents our commitment to eco-friendliness, and the texture and the quality that surpass those of natural leather.
    The Soft yet powerful italic font symbolizes the superior technology of Yousung C&F’s synthetic leather and the aesthetic nature of the brand.