Yousung C&F produces top-notch quality, eco-friendly products.

By manufacturing top quality, eco-friendly products, we are creating happiness and prosperity for humanity.

What is PU Leather?

Polyurethane resin is coated and then dried to create PU leather. With various embossing treatments, color, and pattern design, PU leather is used in numerous products such as automobile interiors, child goods, furniture, and clothing. Yousung C&F is striving hard to produce leading edge, high-quality alternative products to leather. We manufacture a variety of products to suit the needs of our customers.



  • 01. Kids Play Mats

    Yousung C&F manufactures eco-friendly, toxin-free fabrics through developing premium materials.
    We are committed to developing the best quality material for the safety of children and mothers.

  • 02. Sofa Fabrics

    We provide regular fabrics and high-end fabrics for sofas,
    and especially its soft touch creates elegant styles.

  • 03. Fabric for Clothing

    Synthetic leather fabric is the outcome of ceaseless research and development.
    It is of the best quality in Korea, but we strive to continually improve the quality through research.

About the Brand

  • Brand Meaning
    Feel + Live
  • Brand Mission
    Yousung C&F makes customers’ lives richer and healthier through its high-quality, eco-friendly products.
  • Brand image
    The green sprout displays the eco-friendliness, and the texture and the quality that surpass those of natural leather.
    The Soft yet powerful italic font symbolizes the superior technology of Yousung C&F’s synthetic leather and the aesthetic nature of the brand.