A competitive, people-oriented company

“Putting Customers First!” This motto is engraved in our hearts.

Established in 1979 Yousung C&F has contributed to the Korean economy with its reliable and affordable products in construction material and synthetic leather.


Yousung C&F developed the PVC Deluxe Tile, the first of its kind in Korea, and is now exporting to oversea markets. Today, the Yousung C&F PVC Deluxe Tile can be found in people’s daily lives: in offices, shopping malls, and commercial areas worldwide. Also, as its KS certification shows, the company is dedicated to the quality control and R&D, leading the industry in customer satisfaction.

Yousung C&F’s Synthetic Leather division has developed a variety of processing technologies to meet the different demands for automobile interiors, handbags, medical instruments, and furniture. Yousung C&F is the only company in Korea to manufacture various synthetic leathers, including PVC Leather and PU Leather. As a result, Yousung C&F has become Korea’s only total synthetic leather manufacturer, thus leading customer trends worldwide.

Established in 1973, the Yousung C&F food division has provided customers with the best quality products and services. Through continuous R&D and strict quality control, Yousung C&F promises to produce safe and reliable food products to satisfy the ever-changing trend in food.

Yousung C&F is committed to researching and developing new products and technologies and leading the worldwide market. We will always do our best to put our customers first.

Thank you.

About CI

  • Meaning: Pleasant Partner

The harmony of colors symbolizes the value that Yousung C&F creates in customers’ lives. Blue stands for hope, Green for health, Blue-Green for prosperity, Orange for Joy, and Pink for compassion. The image of pleasant partnership among the company, employees and customers is presented through the variety of color combination.