Laid the Foundation to be a
Top-Class Company

Yousung brings happiness to through various interventions.

Since its establishment in 1979, Yousung C&F has strived to be a people-centered, sustainable, and competitive company. Yousung has taken a part in enriching people’s lives by manufacturing eco-friendly PVC Deluxe Tiles, PVC Synthetic Leathers, Dry PUs, and Breads from the newly merged, HACCP-certified food division.

Yousung C&F believes in the value of people and in investing in people. With this belief, Yousung is taking on social responsibility by participating in a variety of activities.
The company has set the goal of growing together with the community, and to accomplish the goal, Yousung has honestly filed taxes, donated to charities, and invested in eco-friendly facilities

To ensure customer loyalty and to become the leader in the industry, Yousung C&F will continually invest in R&D to develop new technologies and products.

Thank you.