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Product Categories

Category Name
Cake Strawberry Roll Cake, Blueberry Roll Cake, Mocha Roll Cake,
Tiramisu Roll Cake, Strawberry Tiramisu Roll Cake,
Camembert Roll Cake, Red Velvet Roll Cake, Pure Milk Roll Cake,
Pure Chocolate Roll Cake, Steamed Cheesecake
Baguette Wheat Baguette, White Baguette, Rosemary Parmesan Cheese Baguette, Garlic Baguette, Bread Ball
Sponge Cake Nagasaki Castella
Other Bread Hamburger Bun, Hotdog Bun, Roll-in, Muffin, Cookies
Other Fish Cake


  • Strawberry Roll Cake

    Sweet strawberry jam is richly spread on light, fluffy strawberry cake sheet to moisten the cake. Enjoy the sweet strawberry roll cake with a smooth café latte.

  • Blueberry Roll Cake

    Sweet blueberry jam is richly spread on light, fluffy blueberry cake sheet to moisten the caked. Enjoy the sweet blueberry roll cake with a smooth cappuccino.

  • Tiramisu Roll Cake

    Tiramisu, a popular Italian dessert meaning ‘feeling better’, is made of espresso, cacao, and cream cheese. Moist cake sheets with espresso and cream cheese are rolled up, and finished with sprinkles of Valrhona cocoa. Pick up your mood with a combination of cold tiramisu and hot espresso.

  • Strawberry Tiramisu Roll Cake

    Strawberry Tiramisu Roll Cake is made of soft strawberry roll sheet with cheese cream and strawberry filling inside. Strawberry filling makes perfect harmony with cheese cream, making you wish for more. Try the harmony of sweet strawberry and tiramisu roll.

  • Mocha Roll Cake

    Mocha Roll Cake is made from the mocha sheet that delivers the flavor of espresso and sweet mocha cream, leaving a rich coffee flavor in the mouth. Try Mocha Roll Cake with soft milk tea. Sweet milk tea embraces the bitter Mocha.

  • Camembert Roll Cake

    Light, fluffy chocolate sheet joins together with black cookie chocolate crunch and soft butter cream to make even sweeter, moist Camembert Roll Cake. Enjoy Camembert Roll Cake with fresh milk.

  • Red Velvet Roll Cake.

    Eye-catching red sheet with fresh cream and cream cheese makes a heavenly taste and beautiful sight.

  • Pure Milk Roll Cake

    Fresh milk cream richly fills the soft, moist cake sheet.

  • Pure Chocolate Roll Cake

    Soft, sweet chocolate sheet is fully filled with chocolate cream, filling the mouth with rich chocolate flavor.

  • Steamed Cheese Cake

    Cheese Cake is baked with steam. The soft cheese cream melts in the mouth.

  • Nagasaki Castella (Sponge Cake)

    Nagasaki Castella is a sponge cake, featuring original Nagasaki style. The castella is made with imported equipment from Japan in order to recreate an authentic taste. Because of the generous amount of fresh eggs, the cake is moist and has a chewy texture. The dough is aged and baked in the traditional wooden frame, creating a luxurious taste. Enjoy sweet Nagasaki Castella with milk tea. The cake becomes even more moist and enjoyable.

  • Baguette (Wheat, White, Rosemary Parmesan Cheese)

    Baked with steam, the baguette features very unique soft texture because of the generous amount of cheese butter.

  • Bread Ball

    Unlike ordinary bread, thise bread is aged with natural yeast, producing a chewy texture and sweet flavor.

  • Muffin

    Cocoa is mixed with chocolate chips to make a delightful chocolate flavor. Individual packaging and bulk packaging are available. It boasts of long shelf life.

  • Hand-made Cookies (Mango, Walnut, Chocolate)

    Cookies are handmade, using high-quality butter. They are a great snack for everyone. Unlike crispy cookies from other companies, our cookies have a chewy texture.

  • Rollin

    Milk cream and cheese cream are spread on high quality sheet. Then the sheet is rolled and aged in the refrigerator. Soft bread for snack.

  • Fish Cake

    Made from fresh fish, fish cake has a chewy yet soft texture, and a mild but delicate taste. Fish cake is made-to-order. Fish cake is produced in a very clean all-automatic facility. Different types of Fish Cakes are available for Gift Sets, Lunch boxes for Groups, Fish Cake Soup, Fish Cake Skewer, and Ddeokbokki.

  • Hamburger Bun

    The rice dough is fermented twice to reserve its unique flavor. This bread is good for sandwiches.

  • Hotdog Bun

    The rice dough is fermented twice to reserve its unique flavor.