We deliver healthy foods to consumers.

We pledge happiness and well-being.
For peace of mind, we introduce our HACCP certified facility.

Yousung C&F manufacturing facility

  • Nagasaki Castella (sponge cake) Line

    The Nagasaki Castella (sponge cake) was recreated with state-of-the-art equipment from Taiki, Japan. Baked in wooden frame, the cake maintains moisture inside, creating a new taste

  • X-Ray Inspector

    The X-ray inspection machine was made from genetic algorithms by Ishida of Japan. Progressive scanning allows the precise detection of foreign objects. Inspected by metal detectors and x-ray inspectors, our products are guaranteed safe.

  • Ovens

    A diversity of specialty ovens—Deck Oven, Rotary Oven and Tunnel Ovens—is used to provide the variety of tastes with the best quality.

  • Ultrasonic Slicer

    The Ultrasonic slicer is an automatic cutting machine. Since no human intervention is required, roll cakes are manufactured in a very clean environment.

  • Cross Slicer

    The Cross slicer can cut the products in various sizes. The automatic process limits the human involvement, ensuring the safety of the products.

  • Automatic Packaging System

    This all-automatic packaging system allows safer products and faster delivery.