Strict quality control and high-quality products

Manufacturing safe, hygienicproducts in HACCP certified facilities.

Founded as Wooyang Food Industry, Inc. in 1973, Yousung C&F has expanded its production from breads, such as hamburger buns and to roll cakes and fish cakes.

In 1994, Yousung C&F began supplying for the Korean Army. Through strict quality control, we have provided high quality foods to the Korean military.

The company’s three factories currently manufacture breads, cakes, cookies, sponge cakes. Through continuous investment in the facilities and research, we will manufacture healthy foods to meet the demands of our modern consumers.

Thank you.

About the Brand

  • Brand Meaning
    delicious+zli(meaning Joyful in Korean)
  • Brand Mission
    Manufacturing products with love and trust for customers
  • Brand image
    The dome on “Delizli” visualizes the tradition of the prominent food manufacturer. The bold, intense serif font signifies the company’s pride and the belief that we produce what our families eat. The green and brown colors represent the eco-friendliness and classicalness of our company.